Again, so important, get traffic!

Get web traffic, helping beginners start earning an online income

So, again, once and only after all is set up as complete as you can, you need traffic.  You may get some as you are working on your site, but, also take into account what people who visit you will see.  Similar to a brick and mortar business, what will customers see when they first come in?  If they see half stocked shelves and not quite right yet displays, what impression will you leave?  Will they come back?, helping beginners, traffic advice

We have many places we share posts to many other sites, including social media.  We have many sites and posts that automatically post to some of our own social media sites.  It is also a good idea where you are posting to another site, that you change your wording at least slightly.  As before, every post must refer back to your site, branding everywhere.


You can also cross post between your own sites, if relevant, or even between blogs.  Two places we post to often for free are:



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Post, update, cross post, use social media, sorry, a lot of extra work, but, this is how its done.  Keep content current and up to date, post as often as you are able.  We know this can be hard with public access computers, library closed, time limits, etc., but, also, try, and keep trying.  Have fun also!, helping beginners earn an online income

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