Readability, what and why?

So in this day of high speed internet, it is easy to make flashy sites, with a lot of videos and high bandwidth apps.  Readability is still an issue though, what happens if your audience has no high speed internet, or, lots of us still have volume based internet.  This means that it is possible for multiple issues with too flashy of a site.

  • I get bored waiting for page to load
  • I have auto playing videos taking up bandwidth
  • I like your page, but don’t come back, overage charges on bandwidth can add up
  • I don’t want to wait for your ads to load, so, don’t click on them or may not even see them
  • Some content may not be viewable on some devices
  • I am not coming back if I am forced to watch auto playing videos that I don’t want to see

How is this fixable?  Make sure your videos are uploaded so as not to autoplay.  Make sure you use common fonts so your content is readable.  Text will be easier for search engines to translate as opposed to images of text, such as most facebook quotes are shown.  View your content on multiple devices from multiple locations, see that all works on varios platforms, and speeds.

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