SEO keyword density

By now most of you will at least know something about keyword density.  Basically it is how many times your keyword(s) show up in your articles and posts.  There are many restrictions on this nowadays.  You used to be able to just add keywords along the way and older search engine algorithms would pick them up as they crawled your site.  Current search engines use a modified algorithm that is called “Organic Search”.  Basically, they now look for natural context and content, which means they look for your print to be a more natural tone.  You should use your keywords in your content, but, only in a natural context.  Do not over use your keywords, especially out of context.  Search engines may block you page or site.   Your readers will probably be upset by this also.  Modern readers look at your content similar to search engines, so, keywords, and keyword density is important, but, only in natural context.  Keep your readers and the search engines happy, use your keywords but in an intelligent and normal context only.


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