Domain Name Basics for beginners

basic domain name selection for beginners

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Chris Young

Domain Names:

Domain names for your blog or website have evolved quite a bit over the last years. In the early days of the world wide web, domain names were a much more important consideration, almost to the level of today’s SEO efforts. You had to have the correct extension (.com; .net; .org typically based on your sites intent, and country codes were only available to residents of that country that could prove this). Typically a .com was the name to get. You also probably would pay about $80 (USD) for the minimum 2 year registration.

Now, especially more recently with the “new“ extensions availability, you have many more options and pricing available.

Our main, top, most important recommendation is `relevance` or existing brand recognition. If you have existing brand recognition, use this to your advantage and select a relevant domain name. If you are building a new or independent website or blog, again go with “ relevance“. A quick and easy way to do this is pick out keywords relevant to your product or service, and just write them all down. Use online resources like a search engine or even to add to your list, other similar words or phrases. Look for just the top level name to start, do not yet worry about extensions.

In the past, domain name length was relevant, with shorter always being better. In recent years, not many people actually enter a domain name directly into the address bar, they more than likely just look for the top results from a search engine, then click on a link. Not saying maximize your character use potential, stay with relevance, but, don’t particularly worry about a specific character length, just get your initial message out. Get people interested in the potential relevance of your domain name based on its own wording. If you have a boring or not relevant domain name, you will probably lose out right at the search engine results.

Once you have your “ideal“ domain name picked out, and again, don’t yet worry about the extension. The very next step should be use a search engine and search for your potential competition, if the exact name you have picked out shows many existing and established sites you may want to go back to your list and choose something else with less competition existing already in search engine results…up to you….but our recommendation.

The above excludes if you already have an existing brand or if you have an established and recognized brick and mortar store. If this is the case then use the above a a more rough guideline; but; stick closer to your existing branding efforts, even if this is only on existing social media sites.

Once you have your desired and not too competitive with existing and established site chose, now start to look at available extensions. We find one of the best resources for this is:

Simply eater you desired domain name and get results of loads of available extensions, you may be surprised if you have never tried this before, at the number and variety of available extensions. One item to note here, not only check out the first year price, but, make sure the renewal is not out of line. Many `first year` prices are great, especially for those just beginning, but, make sure you also look at the renewal price for subsequent years.

More on domain names in later posts here, so far, just the very basics.


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