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A Webmasters Day

Chris Young

Webmaster, Content Writer, Strategist, and even get my own coffee at ProWebZone
World traveled, licensed automotive mechanic, aircraft restoration mechanic, builder, renovator, Subject Matter Expert on many areas.In IT on and off since mainframe days, senior technical trainer in telecommunications and internet.
Chris Young

My day usually starts quite early, before the sun is up.  Here in Manitoba, that means outside can be darn cold (-55 celsius a few days ago).   So I get up early, put on a pot of coffee, get dressed for the weather, and go for  a walk.  Depending, may be for 10 – 15 minutes, may be longer…..depends on cold and wind.  When I get back I pull up my websites and make sure they are all up and look the way they should.  I check bank balance as well as different programs I am on.  Then I go to local news, national news and other news feeds, online (taking note of anything relevant to any of my sites in notepad…yes, just been around that long so still notepad).  Radio on in the background, for music and more local news.

Then off the couch and across the living room to the computer, with no other distractions except radio on in the background.  I log in to all my websites, check stats there, new users, and attack attempts.  Work on new ideas for new posts, so, look even at youtube for trending videos, as well as top searches from yesterday, last week, last month, and look for trends that are suitable for my niches.

I also look at Uniregistry.com based on any new ideas based on keywords and popular searches, but, stay close to my target niche, the things I am an authority on, and a subject matter expert of.  If there is a possible interesting combination of domain name and extension that may work in  a similar but new direction, I may purchase it.  If I purchase a new name I usually dig straight in and set it up and get some basic stuff happening, usually that is good for at least half a day.  If not then I go back to my notes, and figure out a post to work on and which site (s) may use this information.

At some point by now I have probably checked email a few times and think about then do replies if needed.  May just be an update, may be from wordfence, may be something new to research.  Deal with these often not right now but over the day.  Of course, anything customer related or otherwise important can be dealt with as it is read.

I often take a break by logging in to my online survey sites and earn a few extra dollars while often generating ideas, it is  a break for me, and still earn a little extra.

I try and start with one new article for one website, build on the earlier ideas, add current content, and publish when done.  Some advice here, if you have multiple sites that can use the same article, don’t copy and paste it.  If there is relevance to other sites, then you just wrote the article, you already have the ideas and concepts in your mind, work a little and re-write it for your next site or article post.  It will be similar, but not cut and paste so may work slightly different in search engines and may give you that little edge.

I often do this process or fairly similar most days, yes, even weekends.  It is important if you spend a lot of time at this, take a break, watch TV or a movie, keep a pen and paper close by in case you get ideas, but, take a break!

End the day with a recheck on the bank balance as well as stats, but usually what you do today will take  a few days to actually generate interest, so do not stress or worry.  Keep going, persistence is key, keep adding relevant content, keep doing what we advise, or even whatever parts you believe will work for you, but, keep going.


Most of all:

Have fun, Learn to Earn, Make $$$



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