January 18, 2020

About Us – ProWebZone

ProWebZone has been around the web since around the late 1990’s. We have experience ranging from hand coding in notepad, to current software. We have been and worked online since the late 1980’s. We do work (locally) on hardware including building computers from scratch, upgrades, repairs, and can do remote support for software issues.

Work experience include licensed automotive mechanic, millwright, home renovations and carpentry, as well as 10+ years at the early world wide web doing technical support and technical training for AT&T. We used to create and upload DNS tables via excel and manually upload. Internet work itself began with compiling and an audible couple.

As a mechanic I have done many restoration work on many vehicles both for customers and multiple museums, cars, trucks, equipment, and even multiple aircraft restorations.

We have been helping beginners learn to earn an online income for many many years. We provide experience based help, support, and training.

If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, please either PM us here or email myself personally at chris@prowebzone.com

Though we do provide experienced based advice, we always say, take all the information you can, and listen to what you want to and ignore the rest. We simply provide advice and guidance base on our own experience. It is totally up to you to take away all or parts that YOU want to use for yourself.

We are currently based in Southwestern Manitoba, Canada, a small under 5000 population community. Though currently home based, we still often visit the local library and resource center and continue to verify all of our ideas will work from these places, you can do this anywhere!

Have traveled all over and worked all over including LA to North Dakota, Vancouver and Victoria, Canadian north including the arctic, and lived for about 10 years in Peterborough England. I have also previously been in the RCAF as well as RAF.

When we say such as experience based advice, and diverse in knowledge we mean it.

And our advice always is:

Have FUN! Take what you want from us and others, and make your own site or other online presence your own!

p.s. Don’t forget to help us stay online, click an advertisement every once in a while, when you see something interesting, click and check it out.