Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

affiliate marketing for beginners

Chris Young

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Chris Young

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the oldest forms of earning an online income especially for beginners. ProWebZone started with this probably around twenty years ago. The process has changes significantly since that time. At the end of the day this is mostly just selling your websites white space to an advertiser, in the form usually of banner advertising. We have all been to websites and seen banner ads.

How as a beginner do you earn an online income from this? You place advertising where your visitors will see them, and if your customer clicks on one of these ads you may earn directly from this. Banner advertisements can pay out for different actions:

  • Pay per click through, when your web visitor clicks on one of your ads
  • Pay per impression, where you get a smaller pay out just for showing a banner to your visitors
  • Pay per purchase, the most common, you get nothing unless the click converts to a sale

There are many hybrid payments programs also so read the fine print and make sure you know what does and does not earn you an online income

Most current content management systems provide a plug in or add on that will allow you to place advertising, and even rotate multiple banners. More often than not all you need to do is copy some pre-configured ad code from the affiliate site, paste it into you CMS and save. Fairly quick and easy for a beginner.

You can choose to find individual affiliate programs, usually a link at the bottom of that products website, or we would recommend a “congratulator” which is one sign up at one site and access to even 100’s of programs.

Another important note is that most programs like these have a minimum payout threshold so, again review the details. Most current programs have a hundred dollar minimum payment so conglomerator as you often combine all commissions from all programs into one lump sum income, which means more and quicker payouts. If you have ten programs paying individually, then you could be stuck at say $95 each so not earn anything until you pass that mark.

Obviously there is a lot more to say here about earning an online income as a beginner with affiliate marketing. We here in this article just wanted to give you a general overview and maybe give you some more income ideas that may work for you.

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