January 18, 2020

Alternate Sources of Online Income Revenues.

So, as a regular reader you know our own main source of online income is from advertiser revenues from our blog. This works, and you can do this. But, what if you are not interested in writing?

There are many options in ways to learn to earn an online income, even for beginners. One of our back up options, and we do this daily still, and continue to make an alternate income from this. Our second best option, in case you are reading this somewhere somehow, but have no resources of your own, is online surveys. Find out more about online surveys in particular in our article HERE.

There are many other ways to learn and earn an online income, even for beginners. Some of this is creativity, but, we are here to help, so here are some other ideas if you do not want to run your own blog and earn advertising income, even if just for now. One thing is, in case like us sometimes you get bored, then try several of ours and others options.

You can run a sales, or buy and sell site,, this can even be just social media or other online sales based. You can find advice on this all over the world wide web, but the basic concept is, buy an item for either very inexpensive or even wholesale, and re-sell elsewhere for a profit. Generally if you are a subject matter expert then you should easily be able to establish yourself as an authority on your items. Simply, if you think even as simple as your local grocery store, they put stuff on sale and make a profit still. You and others pay full price when not on sale, so, more profits for “them”. What about buy one get one free, they are still making profit so at regular price the markup is 100% plus, then think how much outright profit you are giving them at regular prices? Think, what do you know about, what products can you be a subject matter expert about, what can your readers consider you authoritative on? Buy those products at wholesale or in lots, or just at clearance or deep discounts. Re-sell on other sites at a profit. Watch for issues though such as taxes and make sure either your profit can cover shipping or state $XX.XX plus shipping.

Transcribing is another legitimate online income source for beginners to advanced. There are many very good sites for this process. However, you will probably need at least an online accessible device at home. You will also need a speaker or sound system or headset. You should also be able to hear, read, and type, typically all at the same time. You can make a very good income at this and it is usually not specifically time restrictive. It will be performance and results paid pay, which can though be very good. This is often available to beginners learning to earn an online income. There are often tests before getting to start, these are good as they imply a good and legitimate site.

Paid to test is another option, though there is a very wide selection availability and process. Some sites that re-sell these services want anyone from beginners that know nothing about the specific subject matter in question. In that case as a new comer trying to navigate their website, to experienced subject matter experts that can pick out potential errors in the actual subject matter.

Another option to work online and earn an online income would be to work as an online editor. You would in this case need to know a lot about not only the subject matter but also the local language grammatically. Again, once you think you have an idea for an online income that you can do, then just query that job in your favorite search engine.

Another, and our last suggestion in this post, is working as an affiliate. You get paid commission for placing ads and getting results for many often very top vendors. You can place these ads on your own website, other websites, free classified sites, and anywhere else you are able to. All you have to do in this case is probably sign up after searching for such as an affiliate aggregator. This way all of your income is often rolled into one so you worry less about stuff like minimum payouts. If you have a specific subject matter that you are considered an authoritative subject matter expert, then recommend those products via your affiliate links to your readers.

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