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Some more right at the beginning advice

One of the main things we still do here when starting or even considering a new website, do not get ahead of yourself.  Do not commit right away to what may end up being a not connected domain name, do not start without checking out your potential competition.  If you …

writing styles, what you need to know to learn to earn an online income

How to write as a beginner

   An interesting view on how you should write for the internet and as a beginner wanting to learn to earn an online income.  First off, you don’t actually really need any training on how to write correctly, though if you have this then that is o/k also.  Our main advice is

warning, do not get scammed, legitimate learn to earn

WARNING, there are NO guarantees

As previously noted here, and other places by others, there are no guarantees.  We are here to help get you started, to help you to learn to earn an online income.  We give you time tested advice that works, and for free.  (hope you click on a random advertisement that …

ProWebZone, helping beginners learn to earn an online income with advise on content

Getting Top and Current Content as a Beginner

As we and others repeat often, having good and current content is relevant to your web sites success.  Hoping that you have your niche narrowed down enough but not too much.  You should be familiar with similar sites and their design and layout and content.  What we often find inspiring …