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Chris Young

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Chris Young

     As part of your SEO research and learning you have probably at least seen the term backlink?  A backlink is simply a link from another site back to yours.  This can be a link to your domain name, or even just to a blog post or excerpt.  If you guest post to another blog, as we said, use branding and include your domain name, this would be a backlink.  If you answer questions at a Q and A site, use your domain name, another backlink.  One thing to mention here that you may have found in your research would be backlink generators, sites that create maybe even thousands of backlinks to your site; do not use these, most search engines already know what you are trying to do and know where to ignore backlinks from.

     As we have said before, stay legitimate, if not and you get a little success by cheating, you can be blocked by search engines, then what?  Stick with giving yourself a good name, stay legitimate, it may take longer to start but it is always worth it in the end.

          Backlinks also get weighed in search results, meaning, if you can get linked back from a top level web site, that will be of more value than a link back from say; saying that though, all backlinks will have some form of value.  And, do not pay for a backlink!  If you can you are welcome to join a link exchange program as long as it is free, simply you get links back to your site by also providing links back to those other sites.  This will get you backlinks, help others, and do no harm to your own efforts.

     Another aspect to use, again sticking with a one time effort with no associated costs; if you have more than one domain, link them all back to each other, as we said, any backlink will have some value so why not create your own web of domain names?

     One last idea for this particular post, also look at writing and submitting articles to an article database, this also provides for a free backlink and also helps with branding and getting your name out and about.


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