January 18, 2020

Branding, Brand Everything!

Use your brand be it logo, domain name, domain name e-mail, offline stuff such as t-shirts, business cards and much more.

Your brand is all you are, use it wisely. Many current top brands are recognizable by logo shape only or colors only, they are that recognizable that many times the brand name itself is not required. Saying that, take into account brands evolve, the basic concept usually remains the same, but the logo may change slightly, or the colors may adapt to a specific event or similar. The main thing is, you still recognize the brand.

If you wear t-shirts, golf shirts, or dress shirts, get your logo on these. You put your logo on a business card, so why not all else? If you use email, use the signature option on all you can. If you use regular stationary, or even a printer, make sure your logo is included.

Something that we always find very bothersome here, use domain name e-mail! Have you ever looked at the exact same product from two different websites, same price, same details, same everything? The difference being one is sales@companydomain.com and the other is bob364575xx@generic free email? Guess which one you will purchase? Guess who your customers would rather buy from? Most current webhosting comes with domain name e-mail, make use of this! If you invest in a domain name, then make the most of it.

Your logo can evolve, do not be afraid of this, evolution is progress. If you decide to revert in a few days or weeks, then this is okay as well. It is YOUR branding, so up to you.

If you post to other sites, then include your logo, include many of your keywords, if possible include a link back to your site. A big part of branding is becoming recognizable. Become a known subject matter in regards to your websites content. Easiest way to do this is brand everything you can!

Offline branding is also a very important part, if you can get your logo printed on anything, then go ahead. Print t-shirts, shirts, hats, business cards, whatever you can, even a few at a time, whatever your budget can support. Most major brands that you know did not get recognized for a single product or action, they did all they could and did what they could towards market saturation. This can be expensive but start with branding all of your online activities. Develop your site and evolve, then expand to offline promoting of your brand.


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