Branding, Domain Names, and Social Media, what beginners should know about!

online branding for beginners

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Chris Young

One of the keys we have mentioned as does other sites, is saturation of branding.  What this means is simply branding as much activity as you can, guest posts, offline contacts, domain names and domain name emails, as much as you can.  One of these activities may prove to be a little harder now a days.  That is, branding your social media presence.  Once you decide on a domain name, but, before you commit to it, take into account your intended social media presences.  If you plan on cross-posting to social media (which is  a good thing) then search for your intended brand name, and or domain name across your intended social media sites.  If you search and find the same or similar names already exist in slightly different, or sometimes the exact same all, then you may want to re-consider your choices.  Not saying there is a lot of chances of you being able to currently come up with something totally unique, you can direct your efforts from a lot of established competition.

When you think you have found a great domain name and extension that at least fairly accurately reflects your online intents, search for it everywhere, search engines, but, also social media.  Even if you do not intend to use a particular social media, it may be worth a check just to see where you may have competition.  If your particular branding choices are taken as exact matches, in any social media, we are not saying do not go in this direction, simply be aware that this will restrict your own efforts, and may be not needed competition.  You do not want someone to think they are looking up your own social media pages and posts and end up somewhere totally not related, or even harmful to your site.  Part of your online efforts should be establishing yourself and your brand as subject matter experts and voice of authority, this will not work if someone looks for you and finds something totally not related.  As stated though, if this is the case, all may not be lost, it is up to you.

You are not ,well not required to follow anything here or elsewhere, but, our advice is to search everywhere online including social media and your possible branding efforts there, then you decide.  Having a social media presence often helps, especially with branding, or at least brand recognition.

If you decide to change direction of your brand choices, a good source of ideas would be a thesaurus, maybe you can go with a similar word or phrase, or at least get some ideas.  You do want to keep in mind also that your domain name itself will be the core of your brand, so, don’t compromise, if you can’t find a suitable extension that properly reflects your desired intent, then perhaps re-direct your efforts.

Worth noting here, after all that, is when you do post on social media or similar other locations, we do recommend not copying and pasting your main website posts.  The recommendation here is to only post maybe one paragraph, then a read more link to your site.  Your goal is to get readers to your actual site and see you content, information, but, also then they see your advertising inventory, or products you have for sale.



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    1. Do not let just a social media branding opportunity that does not work stop you from a great domain name, just consider the possibilities. If you find a great domain name that totally reflects your online intents, go for it. Social media is important, but, don’t let that be your only deciding factor. Your domain name, site identity, online reputation and all else can overcome a not totally correct social media identity. Just something to consider, as much as social media identity has become more important, it is your content and reputation that is still the main key.

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