Domain Name e-mail, branding for beginners

Branding for beginners – email

As we have mentioned, branding should be an inclusion of all of your websites and even your own identity. Everything from logo, page design and layout, content and article styling, and even your own offline activities contribute to your own website branding.

This article will discuss some basics of branding for beginners but specifically regarding email use. Email is still a major form of contact between websites, web site owners, and either customers or potential customers.

We always start these articles with a question for you to explain our own concepts here.

If you go to two different websites, and want to order the exact same item with the exact same price and others details, would you order from an email address such as or would you order from sales@joeswidgets? Most if not all would rather go with the branded domain name email. The same as when you read an email, maybe with an offer or even just information, which of the previous two examples would you rather trust? Again, the domain name email.

As part of your branding activities you should at least end up with your own website and domain name. Domain names currently start at around $2 and will greatly increase your readers and visitors with very minimal cost. Having your own domain name also helps with email in that you now should have access to domain name email. Domain name email will always increase your brands trust values. As noted above, most will respond more favorably to a domain name and domain name emails.

You are welcome of course to maintain your existing generic email addresses but please do not use these for business use. Set up and use domain name email for all business uses. Use a signature on all of your outgoing or reply emails, use you logo as well as a link to your website.

Remember, It your website, make it yours!