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Chris Young

     Branding for beginners – First answer to what is often the first question, what is branding?  Branding is something we all know about and we will help you, the beginner, with how to implement this on your own site, and more.  Branding is when you see a symbol or certain set of colors, often with no actual brand name, but you recognize the brand any way.  An example would be the worlds top two soft drinks, without words, you recognize the brands, that is what you want (on a smaller scale) for your products and services.  You want people to recognize your own brand, and know your reputation, know what you are offering.

     Some important parts of this is to establish your brand as soon as you can, as it is very hard to add in to your web site or blog as an afterthought.  You can do the same as many top brands after and modify your logo and branding slightly and make changes as you evolve your brand.  The key is to establish a brand reputation and look as soon as possible.

     We all know about how your title banner logo is important but there is so much more.  You need to spend time putting your name and logo all over your own site or blog, but also put it out on the internet.  How?  There are many ways:

  • Post to other blogs, many offer guess posts, but, make sure you include you brand name and if possible logo.  This does not (should not) cost anything, and is “free” advertising and gets your brand out amongst many other places on the internet than just a search engine entry.
  • Use such as email signatures, very easy to do, simple, yet effective.  You send emails all the time any way so why not use this to get your brand name more recognized?
  • As we said, start with your original concept but, you can evolve this over time.  Stick with your established concept though.  A complete re-brand will be like starting over.
  • Many sites offer question and answer sections, as do we, so as you enter a question or answer, add your domain name or images if able.  Any chance you can, get your domain name and/or logo out there.
  • Of course, use your brand on any social media interactions, even your personal pages, again it gets your name and reputation out and about, you post anyway, take advantage of this free option also.

     One important note here is also use a favicon.  What is this?  The little symbol that shows up in a favorites bar in a browser.

  • You can find out more in our webhosting blog, these can be created for free using many online resources that can be found in our resources section.

We will continue with branding for beginners again as there are a lot more tips to help beginners with this aspect.

As a side note after this original post, some repeat visitors may notice the evolvement of our logo, it resembles quite closely the old one but as things get more refined and developed, it is easy to make subtle changes as long as the basic concepts and design are recognizable.

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