January 18, 2020
learn to earn an online income

Can You Get Rich Today?

Probably not! Sorry, but, websites are a development and process that takes time.

So, bad news and sorry, but, you probably won’t start a website or blog today and be rich by tomorrow. You can learn to earn an online income, but, this often takes time. Better search engine results, brand recognition, and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche all take time. Expanding your user base takes time, subscribers take time to develop and are usually tied to such as your volume of content as well as quality and authority.

Even if you write articles all day everyday, it takes time to have your site content to have volume. It takes time to establish yourself as an authority or subject matter expert in your particular field. It takes time to narrow down your specific fields of expertise, you may go in thinking you know a lot about a particular subject but, never assume you know everything. If you are not ready to write an article today, then use your time researching other experts in your field.

Learn an develop your own search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge, see what works and does not work for your specific site. Learn more about your specific subject expertise, evolve and develop your own knowledge. You do not have to follow any particular search engine optimization techniques but we recommend you develop your own hybrid version of what you learn. Follow your results, and see what develops results for you and your site, this may be different than what works for another site with a different audience.

Establish then develop your own online (and offline) branding. Remember your site is yours and your readers are there for your own content and writing methods and language. We definitely encourage you to have fun with this and develop what you want to suite your own goals. Depending on your specific audience and specific content, this may take a while or may be quick. As much as your site and content is yours, your readers are there for you and your content.

You should be using a plugin or similar to monitor your traffic in overall volume as well as trends. If you are not making progress, you may need to re-evaluate your content or look elsewhere for readers that will follow you. If you post a particular article and your overall traffic crashes, then maybe remove that article and try a different (could be similar but not the same) direction. If something gets you a traffic and users boost, then try and repeat something similar in your next article.

You are here to learn to earn so do exactly that, do not outright follow our specific information, but read other sites also, then develop your own best combination of what you can learn. Take into account that our articles are here to help beginners learn to earn an online income, and we provide experience based advice.

If your income goes up, continue – if your income goes down, modify!

As a side note, you can actually start earning an online income in the next few minutes. You probably won’t get rich with this but you can start to earn at least a good secondary or supplemental income right away with online surveys. If you want to start to earn an online income right away then check out our online survey list HERE.

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