writing styles, what you need to know to learn to earn an online income

How to write as a beginner

   An interesting view on how you should write for the internet and as a beginner wanting to learn to earn an online income.  First off, you don’t actually really need any training on how to write correctly, though if you have this then that is o/k also.  Our main advice is

learn to earn an online income for beginners

SEO and being number 1?

SEO is important and being number one on a large number of search results will help, but, there is more.  We have not been number one on search results for a while depending on what you search for, but, you are here.  We would trust and therefore promote that you …

backlinks for beginners, help with your SEO efforts

Backlinks for Beginners

     As part of your SEO research and learning you have probably at least seen the term backlink?  A backlink is simply a link from another site back to yours.  This can be a link to your domain name, or even just to a blog post or excerpt.  If …

earn online for beginners

SEO for beginners, keywords

     So even as a beginner you have probably done at least a bit of research into “keywords”?  You have probably (hopefully) even found out that as much as keyword density may seem, to much keyword density will actually hurt your results.  Another note here, SERP, what is it, …

SEO basics for beginners

SEO basics for beginners

SEO for beginners This is based on a beginners needing to know at least a little bit about this. First off, most people who have been researching a bit of the internet, especially in building your own website or blog, you have heard the term SEO. SEO is an acronym …