Content Management Systems

Though we can and do work with several software solutions, our experience shows that WordPress is one of the best and easiest.  We generally minimize our customers costs by usually using open source software, which basically means most configurations, add-on, plugins, widgets, and other increases in functionality are free.  This also means that the base code is open source so can be modified to suit your specific needs.

One main reason for using an end-user friendly software is that you do not need to know any coding, that is why we are here, to modify code for our customers.  Content Management systems allow you to add your own content and even format to your needs.  So, once we have all set up for you, you simply add your content which can be either fixed pages, such as an about us or contact page, or dynamic pages, such as blog updates / posts, which again will be your own content.  If you are not sure, that is no problem, contact us and we will create a test site for you to explore and try before committing to something that may not work for you.

Content Management Systems have come a long way since the beginning, you can increase your site functionality in almost any way you require.  We can add integrations to multiple payment gateways which give you e-commerce and online store functions.

Another add-on to consider would be some form of customer interaction ability, from a simple contact form to private messaging, chat, or even a full support ticketing system.  We can either add features right off or features can be added, customized, deleted or replaced at any time in the future.