Depending on the specific site design or CMS software, we can add functionality to your designs.  There are ways we use to modify coding to actually meet your exact needs.  At the end of all, your site is yours and should be what you want.  We strongly do not believe in, that can not be done, we would rather take on any and all challenges.  We can help with functions, layouts, colors, logos, and pretty much anything you need to accomplish.  If you have a plugin or other software that does not quite meet your needs, that would be where we come in.  With many years of coding experience in multiple languages, we are able to modify your source code for you so instead of almost doing what you want or looking the way you want, you actually get whet you want.

Another thing to consider in design is what device your customers are likely to view your content on.  What that means is your content should be responsive, in that as part of the coding, should be used to identify the size, shape, and even browser that your customer is using, so that all content is viewable on as many devices as possible.

Different screen sizes are relatively easy to adjust for, but what about the differences between an iphone and an android?  How about an old 3 x 4 CRT monitor versus a modern newer 16 x 9 flat screen?  This should be in your coding on all pages, and should be a major consideration when looking at software packages.