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What is domain name e-mail and why you need this:

Domain name e-mail is an email address that makes use of your domain name.  This means you need your online contact to email you via for instance,  or   This is meaning not to use pleasecontactmybusiness@ya…com or wearereally legit@gma…com


Why is this important?  Would you rather do business with  or chrisQ1974@gmail?

That is one of our major advice’s to anyone online always… if you have a choice, always go with the domain names contact.


You have a website or blog at your domain already, why wouldn’t you maximize this by integrating more branding and recognition?  This should be included in your webhosting package at no extra cost, and you should even be able to manage it yourself if you want.

Legitimizing your online presence, expanding your brand recognition, no extra cost

Why wouldn’t you?

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