Domain Name e-mail

Domain Name e-mail, firstly what is it, and why do you need it?

ProWebZone domain name e-mail_

You need to use domain name e-mail to legitimize your online effort, assist in your branding endeavors, and to just all together be more professional.

Whether you are paying for a site or blog to be hosted, you should be able to access domain name e-mail in both set up, maintenance, and even your own branded webmail interface.  If you choose to be hosted by us, you will always get domain name e-mail access.

Our questions here to potential customers are:

  • Would you rather buy the exact same item for the exact same price with all the same features from or from
  • If you have free access to webmail with your hosting why would you not use it?
  • If you have a chance to expand on your brand awareness, why wouldn’t you?
  • If, for no extra costs, you can help with the legitimacy of your brand, why would you not?

It is surprising to us how many people are already paying, through webhosting, for this access, yet not doing it.  Any time we consult with a business, this is one of the first, quickest, easiest things we would recommend!