November 13, 2019

Domain Names, revisited…Get the RIGHT name for YOU!

So, more recent info on picking a domain name….

There have been so many changes over the many years since the mid to late nineteen nineties….some good, some conspiring, some just not good…

There are many sites, videos, and other resources, that will tell you to stay with a .com; well we can tell you this seems to be no longer as true as it previously was. At one point you had to actually justify why you were choosing a specific extension. There is a legitimate and valid justification to the previous statement that you can probably relate directly to.

How often do you know a specific site you want to go to and type the address in the address bar? Not many people we talk to even know this is available. This is actually a search engine conspiracy of sorts. They want you to use their search engine, they want to say they have more traffic than the next guy. You have definitely been manipulated by search engines in that they have you now instead of typing a specific domain name in your address bar, you now type your domain name into a search engine. Then click on the link they provide to go to where you already knew you wanted to go.

If you look online at pretty much any search engine results, you can pretty easily find out that the top searches over the past whatever time frame you decide, is actually people looking for a specific site (or specific .com).

How does this affect your choice in domain names?

Many years ago, all was entered manually, so, a longer domain name took longer to get to, you went to the shorter domain names, just because they were shorter. With the current state of search engines, results pages, rankings, those used to be priceless three character domain names are not as relevant. You no longer type in your specifics, most searches end up being relatively generic. Based on the previous information, you do not normally look at the actual domain name (often not even at all), you look at the description, click on a link and go to the relative site.

As you do not have to type a long domain name into your address bar, you are more so interested in the relevance to your search subject. If you go to or; both take one click. So what we are advising here is, do not worry about your website extension, concentrate and research your keywords, integrate those into your domain name, instead of as in previous time worrying about finding you or even, look at the relevance of you domain name. Look at your existing branding, look at your branding intentions, how do you want to be known online. What are you a subject matter in? What are you considered as authoritative in, what is your niche market?

We also go a bit against the grain here, but, this is advice based on experience for ourselves and coaching others in starting with little to no budget. So, if you can get a .com that is not that relevant or short regarding your branding intentions, or you can get a lesser domain name extension that is perfect for you, your website, your content, etc….which to choose?


As a beginner, do not worry as much about what is now pretty much outdated advice from self proclaimed “experts”, follow experience based advice, follow what you read, and make up you own mind. Remember, this website you are looking at making is all yours. Read advice, read ideas, but, take what you think will work for you and make your own version of success.

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When researching domain names, remember also, take notes, one may not be available but note that anyway. Many names may be available using cheaper alternative domain name extensions. If you are just starting trying to learn to earn an online income, the find something that will work for your branding and online presence intentions, register it for a year, the, decide if it IS working and either let it expire or renew it. When first registering though, look at the second and subsequent year pricing.

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1 thought on “Domain Names, revisited…Get the RIGHT name for YOU!

  1. Always look at the domain name extension and the way it fits the rest of your online presence…..for instance, we would not consider a .xyz it does not fit with any of our content. If .xyz will work for you then all good, we always prefer more the .club or .online. or similar. If you can get your chosen keywords and site intent to work with a particular domain name extension then all okay. If you need to, you can always look at re-arranging or even changing your domain name to better suit your online presence and intent.

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