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Domain Names, an ever changing landcape…

Your domain name is like a virtual address, whereas a traditional brick and mortar business usually has an actual street address, in the world wide web, your address is virtual. Through DNS when someone types your domain name into a browser (or you click on a search engine results link), you end up at a computer where that particular website is hosted. Basically, like clicking on a contact from your cell phone, often you don’t know or care what the actual number is, just that you get to where you want to be.

At one time in the early 2000s you could choose a .com; .net; or .org; and that was pretty much that.  In those days your domain name was considered best if it was short, memorable, and matched your content.  Things progress, our first comment here is, nowadays, your actual domain name does not actually make a lot of difference.  It is ideal if your domain name contains words relevant to your content, but, now that does not matter as much as it once did.

When was the last time you typed a domain name directly in your address bar?  Most people now don’t even know what an address bar is.  That was when the above parameters were relevant.  How do you find a website now?  You type the parameters in to a search engine and click on a link.  Do you even look at the actual domain name or extension? NO!

You may read a part of the META description (that we control) but you probably just look it over and click the search link.

An example of this concept would be your friend Bob’s phone number, do you know or care what his phone number is?  NO!  All you care about is going to your cell phone, clicking contacts, and connecting to Bob, what happens in the middle is really not that relevant or cared about.  So, you search for websites that are about a certain subject, your search engine return results, you click on a link…that is that.

Saying this though, again, as much as the domain name or extension is not that relevant any more as it once was, you should look at relevancy.  Another reason for this would be towards proper branding, and brand recognition.

Some resources for searching for your perfect domain would include such as and looking up acronyms for your desired keywords.  When you decide on your keywords as related to your domain name, choose keywords that may appear many time over in your content, as this will help with your SEO  (search engine optimization) efforts.

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