Drop Shipping, Re-selling and White Label for beginners

drop shipping,re-selling, beginners guide

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Chris Young

Another option for an online business for beginners is called drop-shipping and also know as re-selling. There are many options available for this concept, but, we advise you look for something called white label. White label simply means there is no branding with shipped items. In general the idea here is you sell other companies products from your own website. So, you find a supplier who will work with you and you sell their products from your website, and you earn commissions from each sale. This is different from affiliate or banner advertising as the entire presentation is up to you. You are able to represent products as pretty much your own from your own website.

Re-selling is a little different in that you work at buying products up front at a discount, add some mark up and sell these products or services from your own website. The main issue especially for beginners is that you need the funding for the initial purchase, as well as paying for the product to be shipped to you, then re-packaged, and pay for the shipping again to your own end user. You will also need to consider storage of yet unsold product.

As we have said many times before and it is an available option here is do not pay for access to a drop shippers list, you are only paying for some one else to do what you can do yourself with some simple searches. The list suppliers are more than likely earning commissions from products that you sell, as well as getting your money up front for the purchase of the list itself. A little amount of time spent in a search engine will save you cash that you may not have and you will also be learning more about search engines.

There are many who make a decent online income, even beginners, who buy from online auction sites, receive the goods, then re-sell at a profit on your own website, earning an online income. There is even an option here of purchasing a “lot” of goods, or, a bunch of the same products. This can save as you are getting stuff shipped to you in bulk. You can then choose to re-sell the whole lot or better, sell the products individually. You should be aware though in this that you have to look at purchasing at a wholesale cost that will allow you to establish and earn a realistic mark up.

Another aspect of drop shipping is white label goods, as opposed to affiliate marketing where there will be branding (not yours). White label drop shipping will not allow you to add your own branding, but, at the same time will not harm your own branding efforts. Your end consumer will not be receiving other branded products. The purchaser will buy direct from your website, and even though there is no branding, any return purchasers will only know your website, branding, and reputation.


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