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Chris Young

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Chris Young

     These are some of the mostly free resources we use and can recommend to our users.  Though we will update this particular post often by adding more resources, there may be little follow up posts, instead, we intend to just expand this as either we find more useful links or our readers suggest a free resource that our readers may be interested in. So, if you know of a good resource you believe may be helpful to our readers, simply use our contact form and suggest it, we will review it, and it may show up here.  In the meantime, explore some of the following resources and see what they offer to help you as beginners to earn an online income!

  • FREE Online Image Editor – we often use this for anything from logo creation, to favicons, to plain old image editing.  Free and easy to use, online, and a great resource for a beginner without a budget for “professional image editing software” or maybe not even your own computer.       LINK – http://online-image-editor
  • FREE Online keyword research – a newer find but very useful especially for the beginner trying to earn an online income.  You can research individual keywords or even longtail phrases, see where you get the least competition.       LINK – http://kwfinder.com
  • FREE webmasters news – great free information on what’s new and happening now, but, don’t get yourself bogged down with information overload.        LINK – https://www.webmasterworld.com/
  • Google FREE webmaster information – Again, don’t worry, don’t get bogged down, we still want you to stick to adding new and relevant content to your site.  Every once in a while a break may be in order, so what we often do is research into more online information, more new ideas, set a time frame so you get back to work on content, but, take a break every once in a while.  Learn at your own pace, content, content, content!     LINK – https://www.google.com/webmasters
  • Domain Name Research – One of the notes in our domain names section refers to available extensions.  One of the best tools to research what extensions may be currently available that we have found and use regularly is: 

Many more to come!


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