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Chris Young

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Chris Young

     So, to start with, what is a favicon?  Also, why is this important?

     Favicons are the little symbols that show up when you save a site to your favorites:

Branding advice for beginners

     These are important as they help with brand recognition, and if you don’t have one and someone adds your web site or blog as a favorite, all they will see is an empty box.  They are usually created and forgot about so for the few minutes it takes to create one, for free and online, it is very much worth doing.

     Most current CMS solutions such as WP have built in places to load these to your site then you can go on to other tasks.  For instance, in WP, all you do is go to the customize themes, then go to “site identity”  where you have probably put your main logo.  Create your favicon using an online image editor such as found in our resources section.  Most CMSs currently want these to be 512 by 512 pixels so just create a blank 512 by 512 image and experiment with the many options,  remember though, this will also be part of your online branding, it will represent your online presence.

As often, don’t want to load you down with too much at once, so, check back later for more on favicons!


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