January 18, 2020
free as a marketing tool

FREE, as a marketing tool! Expand your audience.

To start with, as we have said many times previous, to earn an online income means getting the right audience and expanding the volume of that audience.

There are many ways to expand your audience, those that read your articles and either click your advertising, or purchase from your site. In this particular article, we show you how to use FREE to expand your audience.

There are many ways you can use FREE to build your audience, some overviews and steps are listed here:

  • give stuff away, this can include many things
  • you can give away branded items directly such as pens, t-shirts, hats or similar
  • you can give away “free trial” offers
  • you can find sources online and sign up as an affiliate for sample sites, or use your own products as samples

As we also always say, this is YOUR site, so make it yours, select appropriate trials or giveaways. You can use giveaways as rewards for new members, or to have your users complete a particular action. DO NOT use giveaways as an incentive for an advertising click, this would be against most approved uses of paid advertising, do not do this this way. Free should be to get your viewers to do things such as sign up for your email list, this gets viewers to your site and from there it should always be up to them to choose to click on your advertising.

If you sign up as an affiliate for a free or sample site, and get offers in front of your viewers, this can provide another online income source for you. If you can afford to, it is a good or even supplemental idea to provide branded merchandise. Get your brand name out and about, and use this as an online method to provide for offline advertising of your brand.

Always remember that your website is yours, try some ideas and if you find something that works for you and your viewers, then run with it, but also, if you try something and it does not work, then evolve and try a different direction.

So, what do you do if you are like many of our readers and have few to none financial resources? As noted previously, one way to be able to attract readers with free stuff and also make an additional income is search and sign up as an affiliate for free or sample programs. Affiliate programs are a good idea either way, but, many provide free or sample offers that you can use and earn an income with.

What we do here an it may sound simple, but, how many people do online research? Many, many people read about certain subjects on the internet, this is where many of us now learn new things about a very wide range of subject matter. Why then don’t you use this to increase your online readership by offering free information? You have to narrow down the nature of your blog, and attract readers that not only want your information but also that follow your own writing style. By being viewed as a subject matter expert and an authority site, you can use free information to attract and retain readership. The more you refine, the more your readership should increase in volume and quality and therefore increasing your traffic should also increase your revenue.

Use “FREE” as a marketing tool, and keep your site your own!

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