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beginners help with top level domain names, country level domain names, and sub-domains

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Chris Young

     If you are looking at registering a domain name or looking at free options, there are three basic choices.  You can opt in for a TLD or top level domain, or a country level domain, or a sub-domain.

  • TLD or Top Level Domain, these are what we basically all know, such as or any of many newer top level domain extensions. 
  • Country level domains, often available in some interesting variations that can be used to make your complete name more of a word or phrase.  Many countries though restrict these extensions based on locality.  If you don’t live in a particular country you may not be allowed to get a particular extension.
  • Sub-Domains, basically this would be such as

         Top Level Domain Names for beginners – To start with, this will cost you…but often depending on chosen extension, anywhere from a dollar on up.  We recommend a search through a registrar such as above, where you put in your actual requested name, yourcompany or your website, then they actually supply you a list and prices of all available extensions.  We also recommend as a cost saving measure to only start out with a one year registration, then after a year you can either renew (for a working and money making site) or just let the name expire and move on (for a not so successful site).  If you are planning on this working for the best, our top recommendation would be go with this choice – TLDs

Country Level Domains for beginners – As noted above, these may or not be available depending on your own geographic location and chosen country extension.  More often than not this would be a choice if you are typically looking at local traffic, and not so much if you are looking for traffic from world wide.  Another interesting variation on this would be if you can actually integrate the extension as part of a recognizable part of your own branding.  Either way we would prefer this option only for the local only type of situation, otherwise go with the Top Level Domain.

Sub-Domain Names – Okay, many issues with these and one big plus.  The best part is you should never pay to have access to a sub-domain where the top level domain is not yours.  Many providers will set you up with a free sub-domain for one main purpose, there own SEO and rankings.  Your traffic often will get side tracked and recognized just by the actual top level domain so you are actually pretty much spending your own SEO efforts on getting someone else higher rankings.  The one reason that this may work in the interim would be if you are not sure if working and earning an online income is for you.  Commit to a time frame (at least a few months) and if all seems o/k, then register your own TLD.

Again, the above search is our number one recommended domain name resource!


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