How to write as a beginner

writing styles, what you need to know to learn to earn an online income

Chris Young

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Chris Young

An interesting view on how you should write for the internet and as a beginner wanting to learn to earn an online income.  First off, you don’t actually really need any training on how to write correctly, though if you have this then that is o/k also.  Our main advice is to write what you want but also how you want.  You have seen enough information on the internet already to realize that even you like certain sites because of their writing styles, and also do not like others for the same reason.  Your website is yours, so make it that way by writing about what you know about, what your readers are looking for, in your own style.

You do not need any specific writing style, or learned skills, and you have already noticed this exploring the world wide web.  You should not force any specific styling on yourself, this will make the whole process a lot harder and a lot more enjoyable as an online writer.  Have fun and do what comes naturally to you.

As we have said before as much as we would like you to get rich today doing this, you probably will not, it will take time.  You will develop your own audience that gets your style of presenting your information or views.  Think even your own friends, it takes a while to build your circle of friends, some come, some go.  Your friends like you for you, and so will your readers.  As you develop a following it will not only be about your information but also the way you present it.  So again, be yourself, and let that reflect in your writing style.

As another analogy, in actual books, you like certain authors, and don’t like others, and your website visitors will be the same.  You may have visitors that just don’t get or like your presentation, but, you will also have those that will keep coming back because they do like your style.

Apart from content, you may also want to explore various fonts, again to personalize your readers experience.  You will also want to make the whole site in your own style, use a theme you like, customize it further to individualize it.  Use colors that you like and want to, though keep in mind actual readability, for instance make sure not to use say a very lite font on a very lite background.


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