November 13, 2019
SEO research for beginners

Keyword Research Basics for Beginners

How do you start to research and optimize your keywords?

Keywords are important for your web sites search engine results, but, how do you get ranked higher? We have said before that this is not all about writing posts and articles, though this does become a large earnings benefit, but also getting your site ranked better by search engines.

Some keys are associating your keywords not only with your site but with your specific articles. Adding the correct keywords with your specific articles will help but, there is more. What about your competition? Why are they ahead of you in search engine results pages? What do you do, what should you do?


You need to look at where you appear in multiple search engine queries and based on what queries. You need to figure out how your search engine competition is getting ahead of you. What would you search for if you where to try and find your pages and site on a search engine? What results do you get? What would your readers search for if they are looking for your website? As much as your content is relevant, and does tie in to search engine results pages, the keywords or long tail keywords or key phrases play a huge role.

There is much available for keyword research software, including resources from actual search engines, it should be fairly easy to find out what you competition is doing better than you. Do not copy your competitions keywords word for word or phrase for phrase, review what they succeed at, then make that your own.

Another resource to advise on is just looking for say top 100 searches in the last month. These results are available from most search engines, but again, tie this with your actual content and site intent. If you can use a relevant popular search queries and integrate this with your site and content then go ahead, but don’t use non-relevant keywords just because they are currently popular.

Last notes, pick and choose keywords or keyphrases that are relevant to your content. See what others are using to succeed and translate that to your own version, do not copy.

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