January 18, 2020
home based income opportunities

Not interested in an online income? But want to work from home? We have some answers for you!

Though we do mostly work towards online incomes and learning to earn an online income, this may not be for all. Here we present some of many alternative solutions.

Working from home, or, in / on a home based business does not always have to involve a computer or the internet. At least access to a computer and internet will be very helpful in many aspects of most working at home income solutions. You can use a computer to help with sales and marketing, networking (people not computer networking), meeting new service providers, meeting and acquiring new customers. You can as we noted in a prior article do much online in the sense of learning to earn an online income, without your own computer or internet (you can look over this article HERE)

There has almost always been ways to earn an income working at, in, or from home. Think that going a long way back in time, people used to have a home garden and sell produce at local farmers markets, not really getting rich but making an additional income. Think of what else you can do at home and sell at a market, or as we would suggest, at least supplement this with online sales. You can do any of many crafts from knitting, to woodwork, to lots more at home, and sell your products. Yes, leading somewhere, our new site from ProWebZone.com is Crafts.Life we have (or soon to have) online how to do crafts, finished products, and even free classifieds. If you have or want access to tools and supplies, or want to sell these, if you have plans, guides, or finished products you are also recommended to at least have a look and see what this new site can offer.

A once common source of home based income was MLM or multi level marketing. One thing to mention is that there are many “programs” to sign up for, but, these businesses tend to do best for those who know a large number of people with a good level of disposable income. Take into account also that you often need space to keep stock, you probably need to sign up for a minimum monthly “commitment” to the products yourself. If you happen to get lucky and get in on the ground floor you will probably have better success than joining a large conglomerate that has been around forever. Lastly on MLM, try and join under someone that will actually be able to help and coach you, not just tell you to call everyone you know 10 times a day, and that you should always be selling more.

Some other small home business ideas that may work for you and may help you learn to earn an income (even if not online):

  • Real Estate, often selling real estate can be work from home
  • Music Lessons, often music can be taught out of your home.
  • Cooking, can include baking, jamming, catering or whatever you have the resources to do.
  • Bed and Breakfast, there are a lot of ways to get started in this area now that are a lot easier than even a few years ago.
  • You can find many things you can do out of your home such as many types of repairing, coaching, decorating including such as renovations or painting.
  • Seasonal work is often easy to do out of your own home and can include such as snow shoveling, landscaping, grass cutting and / or maintenance

In the end, there are many options that do not include technology or a computer that will allow you to work at or from home!

And of course and as always, HAVE FUN!

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