January 18, 2020
Managed WordPress hosting from ProWebZone for only $10 per year

Now HERE! Managed WordPress Hosting! Only $ 10 per Year!

Yes, we will help you set up your own wordpress site, and host it for a whole year (renewable at same rate) for only $10 per year!

What we are offering to you for only $10 per Year:

  • Webhosting on cloud servers
  • Your own domain name or a free sub-domain ( yourname.ProWebZone.com or yourname.onlineincome.TEAM)
  • Up to five domain name email accounts with webmail or set up with outlook or thunderbird
  • We set up wordpress for you and help you customize it to suit your own needs
  • We help you with themes and plugins
  • We help you choose plugins for security, SEO, and others
  • We offer continued support while you host with us

Let us know what your ideas and requirements are and we can help you set up and design your own blog or website.

As with all we do here, this is particularly suitable for beginners, we give you as much control as you want, but are here to help with any questions or issues. This web hosting package is to help beginners learn to earn an online income!

We can set up personal or company sites, we can help you with selling and other revenue sources that are available to you right away.

You can either have a dynamic site such as a blog you post your articles to or even a static company site with contact forms and SEO.

If you are interested in having your own site set up and hosted for you by us for only $10 per year then use our contact form below and we can discuss exactly how we can help you.

s Hosting from ProWebZone.com

Want to know more, have questions? Contact us HERE!

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