Pay Per Click traffic for beginners

pay per click advertising for beginners


     There are many search engines out and about, many use algorithms to position web pages into the results. One idea here, and even the main search engines do this in a way, but there are many smaller search engines that outright have open bidding on search results. This are where YOU pay them to display your web site or page at the top (or nearest based on your placement bid) of certain search keywords. You can choose your own keywords that you would like to be on the top of searches for, but you also choose how much one click that links to your site may be worth. Obviously the higher you bid the more clicks you “should” get. Take into account here, you are just getting a click through, you are not getting a sale and the click may just get you a visitor for a few moments. It is up to you to make your site enticing enough to keep all of your visitors as long as possible, hopefully converting to a sale.

It is ultimately if you choose to pursue this direction, there are even options via online auction sites that may save you a few dollars. Also, if you go to a pay per click search, have a look around before bidding, if it looks like a site you may go to and trust, weigh that into your options. If you go to a site that looks cheap, non-professional and “scammy” probably just keep looking for a better site. Search results pages are option also sponsored by advertisers in the case of banners. A more legitimate site will only have a few of these advertisements, if you see a site totally littered with banner advertising, then that is probably the entire actual purpose of that site. A more legitimate site will only have 3 – 5 banner ads per whole page, this applies to all web pages and websites.

We here at ProWebZone would rather advise you to continue working on relevant content, as opposed to worry about stuff like this. Another auction item that sort of relates to pay per click would be guaranteed traffic to your website. Yes, traffic is good, but, it has to be relevant traffic that may purchase from you. A guaranteed visitor may only click on your link and stay for a few seconds, these are not very likely going to convert to a sale. Also to note here, many top search engines know about these type of sites and will ignore any of this traffic and some will even be blocked so your results will not accomplish anything apart from draining your bank account. Relevant and good content is the only way to go especially as a beginner learning how to earn an online income. You will be better off posting relevant articles or to question answer sites and make sure your posts and answers are all branded, even if it is only one simple link back to your site or just a domain name email.


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