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Chris Young

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Chris Young

As we and others repeat often, having good and current content is relevant to your web sites success.  Hoping that you have your niche narrowed down enough but not too much.  You should be familiar with similar sites and their design and layout and content.  What we often find inspiring is reading others top posts and newer articles, not to copy them, but, often good sources of information.  Many sites are close or similar but usually off in a slightly different core direction than you want your content to be.  It is also important to stay on top of information that is relevant to your own ideas.  In this, read what others are saying.

You may find an article or bit of information that you can use yourself.  Here we are not big fans of using RSS to feed stories to our own websites.  When you post an article on your site, read what others are saying about the same subject matter, but, write and post in your own words.  You will develop a readership that appreciates both your information, but, also those that follow and like your own writing style.  It is even good to join similar groups on social media and post your own updates, but again, better to change individual posts at least a little.

One of the main reasons for this is first you don’t want to copy anyone elses posts directly and/or without permission, loads of potential issues with that.  If all of your posts are from another site you will see your traffic just going direct to that source and you will lose traffic.  If your site does not contain original and relevant information, you will lose positioning on search engine results pages.  Read what others are saying, get ideas, even write some notes on their content, but, then write your own version.

If you find a good competitions site that has information you want to share, take note of the URL so you can come back, but, develop a few sites that you like for content and information, then before you post an article, see what others are saying about similar topics.  There may be some detail that you don’t immediately recall.  There may be conflicting information, so, you need to dig a little deeper and see what you can verify as accurate.

Another good idea for content ideas would be national or international news sites, magazine sites, and more.  Keep up to date on your information, and people will keep coming back for more.  Check out video sharing sites and see what today or even this weeks top results are, search for your own keywords and see what is popular and being talked about.

     Original content will win, but stay relevant to your niche and current!


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