ProWebZone hosting for beginners

ProWebZone site hosting for beginners

Chris Young

Webmaster, Content Writer, Strategist, and even get my own coffee at ProWebZone
World traveled, licensed automotive mechanic, aircraft restoration mechanic, builder, renovator, Subject Matter Expert on many areas.In IT on and off since mainframe days, senior technical trainer in telecommunications and internet.
Chris Young

     We offer webhosting in many variations.  We try and work with our customers to provide what you may need and not charge extras for stuff you really do not need, yet upgrading will always be an option.  Even though we have said about sub-domain hosting as not the way to go, it will provide a place to start.  Saying this, if you are interested in trying to start to earn an online income and you choose a sub-domain with us here, we would be in a much better position to provide assistance with software and set up.  Our own sub-domain web hosting is only $1 / month (pre-paid annually) and can easily be upgraded if things work for you to a domain name hosting package usually only $1.99 per month (again pre-paid annually).   If you upgrade to a TLD (top level domain) or similar, of course you will get credit for any balance per month left. 

     If you choose hosting elsewhere, this is o/k and not a problem, but that would make things more difficult if you run into any issues, for us to be able to help.  As a note here, be wary of “free trials” if things work you will have issues if you want to switch hosting later, so, make sure you know and can afford the after the free trial prices.  If you want to start with your own domain name this will be all good also, as we have said before, you can get a domain name starting from only about $1/ year.  You can find names, extensions and pricing here:

     If you choose to host with us we can help you set up a wordpress site or any of many other designs and contexts.  We can advise you on what plugins to add for security etc. and can help you with customizing and personalizing as you wish.  

How do you get hosted with us?  Simply let us know what you are looking for via our contact form on the right sidebar menu and we’ll get back to you right away.


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