SEO and being number 1?

learn to earn an online income for beginners

SEO is important and being number one on a large number of search results will help, but, there is more.  We have not been number one on search results for a while depending on what you search for, but, you are here.  We would trust and therefore promote that you are here due to our content.  There are lots of sites out and about that promote how you can be rich by tomorrow, for only $xx.  We are here to help beginners, having often been without up front $$ we have learned and now do earn an online income.   May not be rich, may not make $1000’s per month, but, all helps.  We are here to help others in a similar boat, you are reading this, you have access to all you need to start to learn to earn an online income as a beginner.  Too old to learn this, doubtful, to young and inexperienced, doubtful also, using what advice we give you, balanced with your own personality, experience, and expertise, this is open to all.

If you are reading this here now, obviously you are, you meet all the qualifications to learn to earn an online income!  You can use whatever device you are on at whatever location you are at and learn to earn.  Though we have done this for many many years 20+, we still want to help, assist, and mentor.  No one here is rich, may happen for you, hope it will, but, we are here to help you make a few extra dollars or more just with what you have right now.

Back to the title of this post, you are here, we are not and do not worry about being number one on search engine result pages, you made it here, the relevance and point to make to you is CONTENT!  If you follow what we advise, blend it with what else you learn from other sites, and make your own stuff your own, you will succeed.  Maybe today maybe tomorrow, but, it will work.  Do not give up, keep posting about what you are a subject matter expert in, tell the world what you know about, share what you know about.

Target your site, information and resources towards a specific area that you know about, does not matter if this is something popular today or not, talk to the whole world about what YOU are passionate about.  You may or may not get a whole bunch of site members today or this month, but, if your information is correct and informative you will get a better more responsive audience.

We have said before, do you want to brag about getting possibly 1000’s of visitors to your site that do nothing, or, get many less people that read you information, and maybe click on an advertisement or affiliate link?  We would rather the visitor that may buy something, may click on an add, but, mostly, those that read and take our information and posts into account while trying to learn to earn an online income.  That is what we do, That is what we offer.



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