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Chris Young

     It occurs to us that a lot of people don’t know how a search engine works.  Though this is ever evolving there are some basics that seem fairly regular.  We will go over some of these in this post:

  • First and to us most important….Do not search for as this really annoys those of us that have done this for a long time.  If you know the address of what you are looking for you do not need to search for it, simply enter the URL (uniform resource locator – domain name) into the address bar: 
  • Most search engines currently search contextually which means it tries to interpret if you ask a specific question, so the idea here is if you search for something about dogs you should not see many cats in the results (should not, but…)
  • If you search for a phrase the search algorithm will try and figure out what you are actually asking about, often not correctly.  Fix this by including your search phrase in a set of quotes.  If you search for something inside quotes they are supposed to find a match to your exact search phrase.
  • If you don’t see the results you are after with an in-quotes search then try again without the quotes, you will get more results but they will not be as targeted.
  • If you still don’t get the desired results, then try and remove any not as relevant words.

If you want to know something specific about search engines you are welcome to try our question and answer section, or you can actually use a search engine to search for search engines or algorithms  (though you will not find anything much past general ideas as the specifics are pretty protected).


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