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Chris Young

     So even as a beginner you have probably done at least a bit of research into “keywords”?  You have probably (hopefully) even found out that as much as keyword density may seem, to much keyword density will actually hurt your results.  Another note here, SERP, what is it, it is an acronym for search engine results page, so, the implication is if you are amongst the first page of search results for a particular keyword, you should get better, or at least a higher volume of traffic.  A note from us here at ProWebZone, you can choose to compete with the “big guys” but probably won’t succeed that much, so, we advise, especially starting out to find your own smaller part of the internet with less competition.  What we find is that, perhaps “jewelry”  as a product, or even better, “hand crafted home made jewelry” you probably should not try and target the top jewelry web sites directly, Instead focus more on your own smaller market, with the goal here of instead of a bunch of people looking around, you should actually have more sales.

     Back to keywords, most current web site software has at least a few plugins to help with SEO, with one section being “keywords”.  The basics of keywords is what people may look for in a search engine to try and find “YOU”.  If you were looking for you, what would you look for in a search engine?  These are probably your keywords, at least to start.  Keywords can evolve over time as does and should your web site.  Especially as a beginner, use available software to help with keyword selection and insertion.  

     When researching keywords, use multiple search engines, and determine what; relevant to your content, keywords have lower levels of competition.  Keep in mind, as you have probably experienced, only use relevant keywords, if you have some visitor to your site looking for something relevant to a keyword and that is totally not relevant to your site, they probably would not even take a second look, they will just leave, so keep in mind relevance.

     More on keywords later, including “long tale keywords” for beginners, as well as some “free” resources to help you as a beginner get started and help you as a beginner earn an online income!

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