SEO for beginners, quantity versus quality

SEO for beginners, audience targeting

Chris Young

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Chris Young

     We have historically (many, many years) found that, especially in the beginning, found that better quality visitors that buy “stuff” from a site is usually better than a ton of visitors that don’t buy.  This ties in with where to put your SEO efforts.  You can try and be number one in search results for a particular keyword, and get tons of visitors exploring your site but ending up buying nothing and not coming back.  The other, which we have found to be better, option is to target visitors that may actually buy something.  

     As an expert in your own products you should already know your customer type, the customer that will buy what you offer.  For us, greater success comes from targeting these people to your web site.  This decision is up to you, there is actually a certain feeling of success from being able to state you had xx visitors in one day, but, realistically, if no one buys anything, what is the value of reaching those landmarks?  Would you rather be proud and happy by getting xx number of visitors in one day, or, would it not be better to say you got xx number of dollars in sales in one day.  We suspect that you are here reading this and trying to learn more as a beginner to earn an online income because you want to actually sell products or services?  Yes, large volumes of visitors is good, but, as we said and say, actual sales and online income earning should be the actual goal?

     So, depends on your actual goals, but, decide what visitors you want to target and tailor your SEO efforts to those visitors.  If you just want to meet the goal of xx visitors a day, they you can set you SEO up for that.  We always figure though, it will be better to set your SEO efforts up to target sales.  Even if you have a brick and mortar business, you know you are better to have actual sales instead of a higher volume of people visiting your store and just looking around – No thanks, just looking?


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