SEO for beginners, why our approach and guidance may not be as main stream

Beginners advice for SEO

Chris Young

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Chris Young

     As we have said before, don’t as a beginner get to tied up in learning all you can right away about SEO.  Start with the basics like keywords, title, and image “alt” tags.  You could spend all day every day learning the intricacies of SEO and still have no sales.  Our idea is that as a beginner, work on content.  Content by itself will get you better sales and more buying visitors to your web site or blog.

     Also as before, would you rather have your visitors coming, finding what they expect to and buying what you have to offer, or would you rather say ” I had xx number of visitors in one day”, but no sales?  As a beginner we always push that you get established content, that is relevant to your keywords, and site intent.  We know that many much more experienced webmasters may argue this, but, they also have done this for quite a while and don’t necessarily know or remember how thins actually are as a beginner trying to learn how to earn an online income.

     At the end, it is totally up to you, but, we have worked for many many years helping beginners.  Kind of like when you take your car to one mechanic who talks all tech with you and you really do not get what they are talking about; yet you go to the next garage and the mechanic can relate to your level of knowledge in the field and form an analogy that makes it easier for you to actually understand what they are talking about, what is wrong and how to fix it.

     These choices are all up to you and we also always advise, if you think this information will work with your ideas then run with it.  If you don’t fully get this, then you are welcome to research other information.  At the end you will probably end up with a hybrid version of what you can learn online.  This is actually good, do not stress over this or spend all your efforts on one aspect.  You are welcome over time and encouraged to let things evolve, as you develop new ideas, then integrate them as you learn more.

     The main concept here is to let things develop and evolve as you get a better understanding and learn more.  Let things evolve in the direction of your success, see what works and change what does not.  

Content has to be king, especially in new web sites or blogs!


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