January 18, 2020

Site Design for Beginners, MAKE Your Site Yours!

Again, if you search all around the internet, you will find many claims of such as our site designs work, our site designs will make you money, and many more claims…

You have your own information to share with your readers, you have things to share. Why if you commit to your own domain name and your own website would you make it like many others? So, not saying but, get ideas from other sites, but, just ideas. Your website is yours. If you see something interesting on another site, run with that idea, but, do not do a cookie cutter type of website.

By making your website your own, tweaking the layout, picking a theme that YOU like, customizing functionality with your selection of plugins, these step will make your site your own.

You have friends? or acquaintances? You have people you talk to, why? They like not only what you have to say, but also how you present it. Based on this, why make a website the same as your potential competition? If you can hold a conversation about your subject matter, and present it in a way people follow, understand and stay engaged, then why not make your website like that.

You are welcome to follow excting and specific grammar rules if that is what you do, but do not get bogged down if you are not sure, write what you want but most importantly:

WRITE WHAT YOU WANT, write about what you know write about things where you are a subject matter authority!

Pick your own theme and customize it to what you like, others will follow, choose the color scheme that YOU like. If you hold a conversation, then people are interested in your authoritativeness over you specific subject matter. Do you think that if you can hold a conversation in person, that maybe your online presence will be any different? NO! You may spend time to develop your own audience, especially if you are way out of “normal” in design and layout and content, but, when you get that following, they will be dedicated to you and your information.

And always remember this is all about YOU!

SO HAVE FUN AND LEARN to Earn an Online Income

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2 thoughts on “Site Design for Beginners, MAKE Your Site Yours!

  1. As we have said before here and in other posts, let yourself evolve in your knowledge but also in your creativity. Changes to your site or logo should realistically be small progressions, evolutions, but, at the end of the day, YOU are the boss of YOU, You run YOUR website.

  2. Evolve, learn to earn, if something increases your traffic or revenues, run with it. If you try something new and it does not seem to work for you or your readers, then move on, no big deal, learn and evolve.

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