January 19, 2020

Skip SEO?

Okay, well not really…

SEO or search engine optimization can be a very complex and involved principle. This is what on your own website gets you higher up in search engine results, but, there are many other choices that will help as you develop a better knowledge of the nuances of SEO. Go with an SEO plugin for your CMS as a beginner. Follow the questions and answer as best as you can. As a beginner, this is really all you need to worry about, don’t get bugged or swamped down by all of the advanced SEO ideas out and about.

Search engines and the algorithms they use have evolved so much especially recently. Currently the best concern for a beginner is good quality and relevant content! Write your articles as you want, you will get a following. You may have heard the term around the web, organic traffic, this is about people actually looking for your specific content.

Do not totally skip SEO best practices, we are saying, as a beginner, follow the advice your plugin suggests, but, spend your time at least initially on creating and publishing the best content you can. When you are not writing articles, then spend time researching, including other related articles on other competing sites. Do not copy from other sites, but, you can get ideas for your own content. See what keywords you are competing against, and see what similar sites are writing about. Learn and let your own writing evolve but also let your overall knowledge evolve. Learn what works for you and your members, and evolve your site and increase your online income.

Final words:

  • Use an SEO plugin, follow what they advise
  • Do not worry specifically about SEO details
  • Learn as you go
  • Develop and publish the best content that you can
  • Evolve yourself and your site
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