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Chris Young

Webmaster, Content Writer, Strategist, and even get my own coffee at ProWebZone
World traveled, licensed automotive mechanic, aircraft restoration mechanic, builder, renovator, Subject Matter Expert on many areas.In IT on and off since mainframe days, senior technical trainer in telecommunications and internet.
Chris Young

As many of our readers know, we don’t always have anything to post about or just don’t feel like writing.  Most of this comes from PTSD stuff, and many days are just not writing days.  Most SEO sites will advise you to write at least four articles a week.  From experience, four or more posts a week of good and relevant articles will, or at least should, increase your traffic, members, and readership.  Also from experience, it is better to not write at all instead of forcing yourself to write a bad article.  A bad article will not only lose readers, but also tarnish your reputation.  Your reputation as an expert indicates you provide good and relevant well written content.  It would be probably better considered more desirable to skip a day or two and not provide bad content, than force yourself to write when you are not in the mood, or even if you just hit a dry spell for article ideas.

What can help during these days would be grab your pen and paper and collect ideas for future articles, content, functionalities you may want to add to your site, or even alternate site ideas.  On off days you can maybe read other opinions on your own subject matter or even general website design or SEO.  Just because you are not, for any reason going to write on a particular day, does not mean you can not do anything productive.  Saying this though, if you just need a full day off, this is still not a big worry.  Your own health and well being is more important and always should be.

As many of our own members don’t have their own computer or internet, don’t worry if say for instance your access is from the local library, they may not be open seven days a week, this is also okay.  One main thing to think about is even though you may not have a new article on your site or to promote, you still have your existing content.  One thing with existing content is that once search engine indexed, it will remain available.  More new articles and often will only help if you are writing about what your subject matter is supposed to be, and you actually want to write, this should never be forced because some SEO site says write at least four articles per week.

We often need and take a day or few days off instead of forcing a bad article, often collecting ideas for the near future.  There are always opportunities to learn more, so online research is always good, and can add to future profits or income.

If you can spend say five hours a day on your website or blog, that is completely okay, if you can only spend one hour, say having one hour of access to a computer or the internet a day, that is also okay.  What you will find is that the more time you can spend learning and writing articles or other information, as well as promoting your site, then more often than not this will translate into more income.  This is your online income project, it is up to you on what you can and can not do, listen to others, listen to advice, but, always work on what you can, and stay happy and healthy.


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