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Chris Young

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Chris Young

We can not emphasize enough, your brand is you, your brand is what your customers see, your brand is what your customers should know and trust.  Always brand everything you do online, posts, answers, forum posts, articles, even generic emails should all carry your domain name and brand.  Use your logo as much as possible so people will recognize where you have been, what you have contributed towards.

An extremely important part of branding is your logo, initially while you are building your online presence, you can evolve your log, but, we will strongly suggest that once you decide on an initial design then try and stick with only revisions.  If you decide on a total redesign, do it at the very beginning.  Try and follow the general concepts you originally decide, blue can be dark or light but try and stick with “blue”, and yes, same with red or whatever else….  If you change the font, stay with the same colors, if you change the colors at least stick with the same or very similar font.

One of the goals of establishing an online brand is that your customers build trust and will tell others, this site is good, the information is good, this works for me, I trust them.  If all the above is based on brand recognition, which is often the case, then make sure your branding is out and about and yours and recognizable!


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