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Chris Young

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Chris Young

One of the main things we still do here when starting or even considering a new website, do not get ahead of yourself.  Do not commit right away to what may end up being a not connected domain name, do not start without checking out your potential competition.  If you are considering a particular niche, research your potential competition, maybe you will be all good, maybe you should consider a slight variation on your niche.  Saying all this, don’t worry either, all will work, even if you do commit to a not quite as relevant domain name or you don’t quite narrow your own niche enough to narrow your direct competition.

When you decide on what you are looking at for site design and content, do research.  One of the keys here is still going back to the old concept of brainstorming.  A large part of this is not brainstorming and making notes online or committing to anything.  Our best and what we do advice is go back a bit and when you are researching anything including domain names, content, and even potential competition, use a pen and paper!

I still have here many old notes on many ideas and older websites and ideas.  I still have here written notes regarding general ideas that are able to be used on newer website ideas.  By doing all research and notes with pen and paper, you can look back next month, next year, or further.  Any research you do may not be as relevant to your current ideas and goals, but may be relevant later on, even possibly on a different site or idea.

Even notes on possible content can be noted and you can work on the actual articles later.  If you research a particular subject, maybe you may find an article that interests you but may not be relevant to your current site ideas, but, if you make a note, maybe this may become your next site idea.  You can even do a guest post or article post to a different site, just because you may have narrowed down your own desired niche does not mean you can not post anywhere in particular only about one subject.  If you know about other areas, then post but remember from our earlier posts here, brand, brand and get your domain name out there and recognized as a subject matter expert.


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