Some SEO basics, focusing on working at home

Some SEO basics, focusing on working at home

First off, for those who do not yet know, SEO refers to search engine optimization. Search engines are an important search for new traffic to your website. Basically, this refers to where your place on SERP, search engine results pages. When you search for a specific term or phrase through a search engine, you see many sites appear first and then many other sites may be a few result pages down. SEO is where you optimize your website to try and get your own site higher in those result pages.

Assuming you are using a content management system you should have access to a plugin or similar that will assist you in getting better search results. Also, most search engines have their own guides that will explain their algorithms and how to get better results for your site. We also will recommend that you visit other SEO articles, take the parts that you think will work for you, and use your own hybrid solution. Test and see what works and also what does not for your specific audience.

Research and Evolve

As we are only discussing basic introductory basic SEO information here we do advise that after understanding the basics that you continue reading here for more SEO articles. We do also recommend that you research other SEO information also. Research the actual search engine guides for SEO.

You can, but we advise that you spend more time, especially at the start, with your actual content and articles. Worry and work on SEO but do not spend all of your online time on SEO, as important as this is, your content is what visitors are coming for.

A list of some basic SEO ideas especially for beginners wanting to learn to earn an online income:

  • Work on content both quality and volume
  • Work on your brand and branding
  • Follow both search engine and other SEO guides and figure out what parts work for you and your site, your content, and your visitors
  • Follow your CMS advice on SEO (plugins or similar)
  • Research your competition
  • Use search engines for your terms and see what others are doing to succeed
  • Research your desired keywords and even similar words, use synonyms

Research is a big part here, a lot of times you want to do some online work but may not have an article idea, which is okay. Use this time to research, learn more about SEO, learn more about your competition!

Remember…Your Site is Yours!

There is a need to follow certain standards but it is up to you how you implement these. You will develop a following, visitors that are not only interested in your content, but also your delivery.