November 13, 2019

Some Work From / At home basics!

This is actually going to be slightly different than the more generic “work online”. Work online can be done anywhere including a library or resource center, this article is specifically for those who are doing this, learning to earn an online income, from home. This also does not require a dedicated home office, though if available that would help.

One of our favorite aspects of working from home is there is no specific set schedule. If you can and want you can do some work at 8am, 10am, even 3am, or seven at night. As we always say, do not force or restrict this, the main reason most try earning an online income is specifically for the flexibility. You can do this outside of a regular job schedule, you can work around family or kids, YOU are the boss, though saying that, the less you do the less you will earn! You decide what you can and will do and generally the more you actually do, the more you will earn. Very important also, take breaks, have a coffee, watch some television, not while working, go for a walk, but, take breaks. Also, what we are bad for skipping, EAT! Do not forget to eat!

Though many push the aspect that you can earn an online income from home in your pyjamas. Yes, you can, but first piece of experienced advice, dress for at least a little success. You do not have to work at home in a jacket and tie, but the better dressed you are, and yes dressed not pyjamas, the better your work should be. After many years of working from home, this works, if you are in a t-shirt, you will write t-shirt articles, if this is what you do, then all okay. At the end, all is up to you, we are just here to get you thinking, give you ideas.

Don’t forget, listen to all but at the end of the day:

You are the boss of you!

Another important consideration with earning an online income from home, reduce distractions. One of our biggest issues is watching the news and transitioning to working. Turn the TV off, radio works okay here, you can even use your own sound track, set something up on your computer, use nature sounds, use your favorite music, or even a radio station.


So, obviously much more to follow but for now:

  • Set your own schedule to suit you
  • Do not worry about going off schedule as situations evolve
  • Dress for Success, or at least be comfortable
  • Reduce distractions, especially NO TELEVISION!
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