traffic generation for beginners

Traffic, some free sources for beginners

Free Traffic, yes this helps and works!

Many other sites want to sell you advertising or traffic, especially for beginners. It may take a while to build and develop good and returning web traffic. When you are just at beginning to learn to earn an online income, we appreciate, often you will have little to no resources. We hope to share with you including here some ideas that should cost you absolutely nothing but will build your traffic volume and audience.

Why is Traffic important?

Anything you can do, especially for free, that will get you more traffic should be reflected in your income. Traffic means more people not only viewing your site, more that will see your income sources, such as advertising. Traffic also helps with your branding, as well as online reputation. One thing to mention here, make sure you have high value and a volume of articles ahead of traffic efforts. If you get people to your site, make sure they have things to read, see do, or buy. Don’t try and get traffic to your site until it is ready!

Our first and easiest way to generate free traffic.

Many others will say this does not work but our experience says it does and has for us. Free Classifieds! How do you advertise your site on free advertising sites, simple, search any search engine for “free classifieds” and place your own site information as a classified ad. We constantly see a boost in traffic each time we use this method. You can also help your search engine results because each free classified you place that links back to your own site counts as a backlink.

Using social media to generate free traffic!

There are many plugins that allow you to share your posts to many social media profiles. We highly recommend using these as they will not only get your articles or products in front of more viewers, again, they also link (or should link) back to your actual website. You can also generate a business page on most major social media platforms for free. The more people you can get your information in front of, the higher earning potential.

Other Options?

Another good source of free traffic is simply using a search engine and query “free traffic”. This may not pan out totally for you or your site, but very often you can at least generate some ideas or even add to your previous ideas. Search engines may also refer you to articles from other sites. As we have noted before, take ours and other ideas and let your own hybrid ideas develop, then test and see what works for you.

Remember always, your site is yours!

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