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Traffic..Your WebSite is YOURS!

As from this articles title, your site is yours. Whatever your own writing style is, you are in charge, your site is yours. When you have in your mind what you want to teach and share, that is totally up to you. Many ask us why our articles tend to be short and not totally directional. We hope to point our readers in a direction that will work for you and your specific subject matter of content. We hope you take all advice from us but also advise you read from other sites as well. Our top advice here is that your website is yours, you will get traffic and readers. Take what you want from our advice as well as others and find the best part that fits you and your website.

You have friends that follow your advice and guidance so apply that to your website. Think also that you might not get as much traffic volume from your specific styles, but, you will get readers that appreciate what and how you write so better quality readers. There is an idea that we follow where do you want or need more traffic volume or would you prefer less volume but more people that like your articles and respond to your ads? We always prefer the advertising revenue so also prefer the more targeted audience.

You may not get many readers to your site today but also have to balance, what do you want your readers for? If you are sharing advice and guidance to your readers, we would say that is very good. But, in the end, you want to earn an income. To the end of earning an income you can either run with more volume of traffic or develop your own audience that follows and appreciates your content materials and your specific writing style. Volume of visitors to your website does not in itself increase revenue, you need the “right” people” and they will come for your content and style.


Your website is Yours!