January 18, 2020
narrow your niche

Tweak Your Niche?

What is a niche? You’ve probably read this term all over? How do you find yours ( you actually already know this)?

Your niche is your small corner of knowledge and expertise, this is what you and your website are all about.

Your niche is relevant to you, your website, and your readers for several reasons:

  • You are a subject matter expert (SME)
  • Your readers consider you and your website to be authoritative
  • Your readers trust your insights into this specific subject matter
  • Your readers consider yours to be an interesting subject to read about and discuss and even learn more about

Niche versus topic? You can set up, design and construct content and articles around a subject matter such as “dogs” or “cats” but guess what? You will be competing against many, many more established experts on this broad of a subject. This is where your specific niche comes in, for instance do you want to compete against a great big company discussing say “cars”? Probably not a good idea, how about “Ford cars”? still probably way too much competition. How about writing about 1970’s Ford cars? Probably again, loads of competition. What is the narrower and more specific topic that you are an expert in? Maybe even such as “1972 Ford Mustang (even could throw in “convertibles?)? There will still be competition but not as much as “cars”.

How do you know when you have found the correct niche for you? First and very important, this needs to be something that you and even people you know (offline or on) as a subject matter expert. You can also look at search engine results and determine if you need to narrow your niche down even more. Search for your specific subject matter in any (and suggesting use multiple) search engines. See if you get millions of results or a few thousands? If you get too many results, then you may have to narrow down even further. As our previous example, search for “cars” then search for “1972 Ford Mustang convertible” maybe not the best example but, you can see the difference in the volume of results?

If you find you are competing with too many long established sites and experts, just look at being more specific, but watch out, there can be issues with being too specific. You need to find a good spot between being to general and too specific. If you are too general, then you will face stiff and established competition. If you are too specific in your niche, you will find no interest and low volumes of readers. As each subject is different, you will have to decide your exact position yourself. As we keep saying, nothing has to be committed to in that if you end up to specific, you can evolve and adjust. If you are facing too much competition, then again adjust and evolve and get more specific.

Remember as always, your website, your online presence, that is all you and yours



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