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Chris Young

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Chris Young

Many will argue about this but we have always had success with advertising….not that kind, free online classifieds.  If you brand this and link back to your own site (maybe for more information) or at least if you go direct to an affiliate landing page, include your domain name or other branding somewhere.

One key to posting to online classifieds would be to use a separate to your regular email address.  You do this in case you get a ton of notifications from who knows who…if that happens you can just close or ignore that email, hence, do not use your primary email to sign up for a free classified ad site.

You may also want to consider if the classified site is targeting a particular demographic.  If so, then you have multiple options, the top two being compete directly with your products and offers.  Another option is absolutely to target your ad content to something that you do not see on that site.  So basically at a monster truck site, advertise say healthy eating or dieting, less relevant traffic, but, no competition, and if that is something a visitor is interested in, you get the click!

Don’t forget also, many including ours allows you to post your affiliate program links, again, be sure and reference to your own branding.



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