WARNING, there are NO guarantees

warning, do not get scammed, legitimate learn to earn

As previously noted here, and other places by others, there are no guarantees.  We are here to help get you started, to help you to learn to earn an online income.  We give you time tested advice that works, and for free.  (hope you click on a random advertisement that may be of interest to you though as this helps support us)  What we are here today to discuss is scams.  There are many scam sites out there making very unrealistic guarantees.  Saying that though, there are a lot of great opportunities for you to learn to earn a very good online income, even with little to no up front resources.  What we will tell you about today is what to avoid.

Having experience (lots) in this work from home, work online, and similar, it gets easy to recognize what not to do.  We will share this basics with you now.  One thing we find are there are still people and websites looking for you to spend money on their advice or product with a guaranteed return on your investment.  Many of these ideas may only require maybe $10, lots much more.  Either way we are here to tell you, there are no guarantees, and anyone that says otherwise is trying to scam you!  We hope you succeed and are sure you can and will, but, there are never any guarantees.  We hope you take our advice, and probably some from other sites, put all the information together and make your own success.

We can tell you you more than likely won’t make a million dollars in the next short while, there are also no shortcuts to success, time and effort are required.  You will need to explore the many options, find what does or does not work for you, and make your project and goals your own.

Found a new site this morning that triggered this article today, they said for around $10 initial investment, they guaranteed you would be making $3500+ by the end of a month.  This will not happen, they take your “investment, and you are pretty much on your own from there.  A for instance of the opposite is survey sites, we advise to join, this will not in itself make you rich but, can probably, without any guarantees, make you enough per month to re-invest in your own domain name and web hosting, which hopefully will get you to the next level of earning an online income.

Do not pay someone for a guarantee that most of you will know is totally unrealistic.  If you pay for a domain name, you probably will get it.  If you pay for web hosting, you should also get it.  You get in these cases what you pay for, legitimately.  Kind of reminds me of many years ago how older MLM worked, you get people to sign up under you to buy tons of stuff from you and the guy a few levels up from you makes a ton of cash of your efforts.  Working online, earning an online income is not like that.  With work from home or work online ideas and methods, you basically are the one in charge, and sure, others may make some change off of your efforts, but, more so those will be working on a few cents to your dollars and make their income based on volumes.

In conclusion:

DO NOT pay towards any implied guaranteed results or returns on investment!


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